Victory comes from? God!

The crown of life is like the victory wreath given to winning athletes (see 1 Corinthians 9:25). God’s crown of life is not glory and honor here on earth but the reward of eternal life—living with God forever. The way to be in God’s winners’ circle is by loving him and staying faithful even under pressure.

Temptation comes from evil desires inside us, not from God. It begins with an evil thought and becomes sin when we dwell on the thought and allow it to become an action. Like a snowball rolling downhill, sin grows more destructive the more we let it have its way. The best time to stop a temptation is before it is too strong or moving too fast to control. See Matthew 4:1-11; 1 Corinthians 10:13; and 2 Timothy 2:22 for more about escaping temptation.

I am sure you have heard this before, “one thing leads to another.”

The question is what leads to what?

As a young Christian there are many things that trip me up. I still have daily struggles.

I would like to use this example, think of your work. There are parts of your job that you just hate doing. In my position its prospecting. Yet all the elements of one’s job has to done, to get the ultimate result. I am sure you understand what I am talking about.

So we have 2 choices. We can indulge in sin which will lead to further sin and self destruct eventually. Or we can do good which will lead to more good and receive the riches of heaven.

This is a promise God made. If you do good you will be reward.
“Lord I pray you keep me from sinful ways. Lead me not into temptation. i thank you for Your inspiration. In Jesus name. Amen”

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