Understand This

Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry. (‭James‬ ‭1‬:‭19‬ NLT)

When we talk too much and listen too little, we communicate to others that we think our ideas are much more important than theirs. James wisely advises us to reverse this process. Put a mental stopwatch on your conversations, and keep track of how much you talk and how much you listen. When people talk with you, do they feel that their viewpoints and ideas have value?

These verses speak of anger that erupts when our egos are bruised: “I am hurt”; “My opinions are not being heard.” When injustice and sin occur, we should become angry because others are being hurt. But we should not become angry when we fail to win an argument or when we feel offended or neglected. Selfish anger never helps anybody.

This verse makes me think of the words of Dr Rodney Howard Brown. His words are “Pure, Holy and Humble.” He explained that these are the words he wants to life by. As he said this I thought does this perfect man need words to live by? Yes he does, why, because he is human.

When I read this scripture I also think of how I have changed, since becoming a Christian. What amazes me is the Devil still attacks me. It seems the closer I move to God, the more he does. It’s actually not true. The devil has always been attacking me and you. The closer we are to God and the Holy Spirit, the more aware we are of the attacks. So it should be easier to shield ourselves from these attacks, but it’s not.

Listening and angering are again the devils way of getting to us. Don’t think for one minute he does not have a plan.

As I write this I think of the time he(devil) steals from me. Preventing me putting words to paper. I can name hundreds of things. It would be easy to say I am not doing this. Who had victory then?

What does he do in your case. Does he keep you from doing good. Does he make you tardy in your daily chores. Do you get angry at work?

Sometimes it’s not only listening to other people, that’s important, but also taking the time, listening to God’s word, the Bible. More, listening to the teachings of others, is important, you never know what wisdom is buried in their words. 

Meditating on God’s word in my opinion is vital. Just like going to Church is vital. It’s from there where we are taught.

Again just think, Pure, Holy and Humble. Will you listen and not anger?

“Lord I thank you for your salvation. Thank you for working in me daily, to be a better person. In Jesus name I pray. Amen”


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