It leads me

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” (‭Matthew‬ ‭18‬:‭20‬ ESV)
Jesus looked ahead to a new day when he would be present with his followers not in body, but through his Holy Spirit. In the body of believers (the church), the sincere agreement of two people in prayer is more powerful than the superficial agreement of thousands, because Christ’s Holy Spirit is with them. Two or more believers, filled with the Holy Spirit, will pray according to God’s will, not their own; thus, their requests will be granted. (Tyndal Study Bible)
Our church had hosted a 21-day Revival with evangelist Rodney Howard-Brown.  All  I can say is that what the Lord does amazing things through him. Go to you can watch on live streaming off him in action. I can guarantee you that you will be blown away.
What’s important to note is that the power of the Holy Spirit is available to us all, as it is to Rodney. Even the unbeliever, all he or she has to do is believe. Read carefully what the explanation has to say. At the time of Jesus’s resurrection, the Holy Spirit was released over the world to represent Him and God.
Like I have said many times before, the Holy Spirit is that voice that tells you what is right. The Holy Spirit is there for everybody. So at any time as believers, we can call on the Spirit to do duty and lead us. You see, we think we can’t do that, but God gave us the right to do that, and rightly so when we are a small group we are accountable and in agreement with each other.
When I started leading Bible study,  I called on the Holy Spirit to lead me. I was never lost and must give all the glory to God. Just like these words, I call on the Holy Spirit all the time. It’s amazing. You can do it too.
“God, I give thanks for your Spirit, it leads me. Touch more people please God. In Jesus name. Amen”

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