“This Good News tells us how God makes us right in his sight. This is accomplished from start to finish by faith. As the Scriptures say, “It is through faith that a righteous person has life.””
‭‭Romans‬ ‭1:17‬ ‭NLT‬‬‬‬‬‬
The Good News shows us both how righteous God is in his plan for us to be saved, and also how we may be made fit for eternal life. By trusting Christ, our relationship with God is made right. “From start to finish,” God declares us to be righteous by faith and faith alone. Paul then quotes from Habakkuk 2:4 to show that as we trust God, we are saved; we have life both now and forever.
““Look at the proud! They trust in themselves, and their lives are crooked. But the righteous will live by their faithfulness to God.”
‭‭Habakkuk‬ ‭2:4‬ ‭NLT‬‬
“Righteousness of God” is better translated: “righteousness from God.” A major theme of the book, appearing over 30 times in one form or another, righteousness is the state or condition of perfectly conforming to God’s perfect law and holy character. Man falls woefully short of the divine standard of moral perfection, but the gospel reveals that on the basis of faith, and faith alone, God will impute His righteousness to ungodly sinners. (Tyndal Study Bible)
The power is in God’s word. How will you ever get to learn about these truths if we don’t spend time in his word? If we spend time in the word and in His company, it will be revealed.
What I love is when I start unpacking the scripture how much is revealed.
What stands out to me is the bold commentary, righteousness does not mean, we have a ticket to condemn others. It is rather a state before God. That state of righteousness is achieved through faith. Faith alone will make us right before God.
To make our faith stronger, we must use it. Each time we depend on our faith, it becomes stronger. This (faith to faith) above just means that trials come and we must have faith to overcome each trial; as we do, our faith grows. Fools rely on their own understanding. The just means, as we have said before, just as if we had never sinned. Faith is believing in our hearts in things we cannot see with our physical eyes.
“Lord I thank you for the revelation again. I am truly amazed and blessed. I pray these words touch people’s hearts. In Jesus name. Amen.”

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