Listening is key

‘Spouting off before listening to the facts is both shameful and foolish.’ Proverbs 18:13
In these concise statements, there are three basic principles for making sound decisions: (1) Get the facts before making any decision; (2) be open to new ideas; (3) make sure you hear both sides of any story before judging. All three principles center around seeking additional information. This is difficult work, but the only alternative is prejudice—judging before getting the facts. (Life Applications Study Bible)
What the commentary is referring too is the rest of Proverbs 18. Remember what I said yesterday, do you have a life guide? I certainly do, the Bible here is a classic example of wise words.
The Message Bible heading to this chapter is “Words kill, Words give life.
The Amplified Bible Heading is Contrast the upright and the wicked.
This book dates to around 900 BC, everything captured here is still relevant today. It teaches us how to live a Godly life. Consider the headings above; even these words are impactful and make you think. Solomon was responsible for capturing these truths. Many commentators say this wisdom was collected from generations past. For interest sake, Solomon was King of the Israelites and the son of David.
Many of you will agree with me that scripture can be very fitting most times. These words are fitting right at this moment. I am so grateful and humbled by them. None of us is perfect.
For me, listening has three elements. There must be a want to listen, second a desire to learn and improve and lastly, consider carefully what you heard and then apply it. Don’t speak without thinking.
“Lord, I thank you for this wisdom and pray that you will guide us. Amen. “

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