Beside you

You I know the LORD is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me. (Psalms 16:8 NLT)b
By saying that he “will not be shaken,” David was talking about the unique sense of security felt by believers. God does not exempt believers from the day-to-day circumstances of life. Believers and unbelievers alike experience pain, trouble, and failure at times (Matthew 5:45). Unbelievers have a sense of hopelessness about life and confusion over their true purpose on earth. Those who seek God, however, can move ahead, confident in knowing what is right in God’s eyes. They know that God will keep them from straying off his chosen path.
We all need a sense of security and, more importantly, a sense of belonging. We are social creatures and need a feeling that we belong somewhere permanent. We don’t have to look far look up and put your faith in God. Do this, and you will know that you belong. God’s love covers all.
I am currently visiting friends and, where we are, God’s creation of nature is very much in my face. Walking along the beach and lagoon a couple of days ago, I just thought that one has to admire crabs, small fish in the shallows and the black and red beak oystercatcher and be amazed at how all of this forms the universe. Don’t forget about the 5m Great Whites in the bay. It all forms part of creation. God’s work is absolutely insane!
What stands out to me is that one can sense God’s presence and the Holy Spirit, no matter if you believe or not, He is around. The peace and tranquillity in this area is just incredible.
Just like David says, he knows God is with him. I invite you just to let Him be present in every part of your life.
“Lord,  I thank You for Your creation. Thank You for being present in my life. God, I pray that You will influence more people. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.”

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