With all your heart

“If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.”‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29:13‬ ‭NLT‬‬
According to God’s wise plan, his people were to have hope and a future; consequently, they could call upon him in confidence. Although the exiles were in a difficult place and time, they did not need to despair because they had God’s presence, the privilege of prayer, and God’s grace. God can be sought and found when we seek him wholeheartedly. Neither strange lands, sorrows, frustration, nor physical problems can break our communion with God.
Through Jeremiah, the Lord reminded the exiled people that if they would look for him wholeheartedly, they would find him. The Exile taught the Israelites to reject false gods and give their wholehearted devotion to the Lord (Deut 6:4-6). It also gave them a new commitment to the revealed word of God.(Tyndal Study Bible)
As we grow as Christians more and more is revealed to us. Have you ever been in the company of a person and you are amazed at their Biblical knowledge. He/she never gathered that overnight it took years. Think of our Pastors in Church they don’t know all that stuff overnight. They study and practice for years.
The closer you move to God, knowledge is acquired, revelation takes place. It becomes harder to fulfil His wish. God has a way to test our obedience. It’s just like he left the Israelites in exile for 40 years. A trip that should take days turned a nightmare of 40 years. Then they were given the promised land, a land of milk and honey. It’s because eventually they sought Him wholeheartedly. 
God’s wish was that His people, the Israelites, would seek Him wholeheartedly. Today His chosen people are all of us, the whole world, not only the Israelites. So if we seek God sincerely, the land of milk and honey is available to all off us.
So yes we will suffer trials and tribulations, but if we seek God, wholeheartedly we will overcome these tests quickly. So my question is what is keeping us from total devotion to God? Don’t think that you are exempt from these tests. Our obedience goes through daily tests. Seek the answer’s daily in the Bible. 
I would just like to emphasise that we all are God’s chosen people.
” Lord I pray to seek You wholeheartedly. Give me strength and wisdom to overcome my tests. In Jesus name. Amen.”


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