“Listen to your father, who gave you life, and don’t despise your mother when she is old. [23] Get the truth and never sell it; also get wisdom, discipline, and good judgment. [24] The father of godly children has cause for joy. What a pleasure to have children who are wise.” Proverbs 23:22-24 NLT

I heard this once before, they way grandkids turn out is your measure of success as a parent. In other words, you instilled the correct values in your kids. 

Just a reminder that we have a Father in heaven and seated on his right is Jesus. Both He and your biological father gave you life, the latter on earth and God gave us eternal life. God sent the Holy Spirit to be our helper down here on earth. So are never alone. On top of that, the Bible is our handbook or guide in life. Remember, I said a couple of days ago when writing I am speaking to myself. 

In verse 22 the writer refers to our mother and father, remember they have been around longer than us. They will have advice. When you can’t do something. Do you go to Google of course you do? You seeking advice. There other avenues to get advice from as well, your heavenly Father and Bible.

Verse 23 refers to the truth in John 8:31-32 NLT
Jesus said to the people who believed in him, “You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teachings. [32] And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” The reference here is the Bible thats what Jesus is talking about. Know that truth and you will be free indeed. I often wonder why people denounce the teaching of the Bible and yet they have never read it. How can you have an opinion about something you know nothing of? As Christians, we have to enlighten people

Just as heaven rejoices at new salvation. God rejoices at our success, it’s not the measure of our works, in other words, good works, it is, however, the measure of our faith. Just as God is happy we will be happy if our children are wise and Godly. These are not only our direct offspring but also the people we touch in our worlds. 

So everyone that reads this has a responsibility to listen and to share this Good news. 

“Lord, I thank you for your teaching. I pray that the world will hear and listen. In Jesus name, Amen.”


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