Dont be ashamed

“However, if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name.”‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭4:16‬ ‭NIV‬‬

It is not shameful to suffer for being a Christian. When Peter and John were persecuted for preaching the Good News, they rejoiced because such persecution was a mark of God’s approval of their work (Acts 5:41). Don’t seek out suffering, and don’t try to avoid it. Instead, keep on doing what is right whether or not it brings suffering. (Tyndale Study Bible)

I had difficulty writing this evening. When I am stuck, I pray and then revert to the internet. My question was when was the book of Peter written. 60 to 65 AD, I wonder what it was like to live in that time? The commentary I found is absorbing, please take note.

The purpose of Writing: 1 Peter is a letter from Peter to the believers who had been dispersed throughout the ancient world and were under intense persecution. If anyone understood persecution, it was Peter. He was beaten, threatened, punished and jailed for preaching the Word of God. He knew what it took to endure without bitterness, without losing hope and in great faith living an obedient, victorious life. This knowledge of living hope in Jesus was the message, and Christ’s example was the one to follow.

The practical application:The assurance of eternal life is given to all Christians. One way to identify with Christ is to share in His suffering. To us, that would be to endure insults and slurs from those who call us “goodie two shoes” or “holier than thou.” This is so minor compared to what Christ suffered for us on the Cross. Stand up for what you know and believe is right and rejoice when the world and Satan aim to hurt you. (

The scripture says we are to praise God as we wear His name. What a privilege. I am so proud of the fact that God chose me to be His servant. I just pray that I will make Him proud. 

I wonder if our suffering compares to what Jesus endured in this world. What’s the worst that has happened to you as A Christian? I often tell a colleague of mine we complain, and we have five loaves of bread in our basket. We have nothing to complain about. We are not going to be jailed because of our faith. Peter was, and they crucified Jesus. So it is easy to take a stand for God in our world. The workplace is a great place to take a stand.

Take note of the comment above in bold. You are doing something right if people and the devil target you. 

“Lord I thank you that I can take a stand for You. May I shine brightly for You. In Jesus name. Amen.”


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