Sri Lanka Surf Trip

Srilanka 2016/17 – 4 Jan Hikkaduwa – Midigama

Morning, the last I wrote was on the 30th, to say the least, we have been very busy. Not much time to do these things, writing. We are currently in Midigama, which is well south of Sri Lanka.

In Hikkaduwa, we stayed in one place and surfed three spots mainly, Main point, in of our Hotel and River mouth. New Year’s day the swell came, and the Main Point was 6′. It was so that there were not many surfers out. We had some great surf all in all. The first couple of pics is from Hikki. There are some of the New Year Festivities as well. Followed by just some of the place. Our favourite Restaurant was at the Junction. The one with Coco-Calo sign.

On the 2nd we made our way to Ahangama but landed up in Midigama. Very happy here everyone got excellent accommodation. We had our first full day yesterday. The spot within walking distance is, Plantations, Rams Reef and Lazy Rights and Lefts. We all had incredible Surf. At Lazy Rights 3 foot I saw Norman nose ride for 150 m at least. We the walked down to Plantation. He had a 10 point ride there. Take off, hang ten two big turns, then back on the nose twice more, absolutely amazing to watch. Bredon and Zono had a field day at Ram’s Reef, both getting barrels. Matthew and Caity had some fun at Plantation. We all had great surf at Lazy Lefts yesterday morning.

Lorelei tanning on the Beach fell asleep, a wave washing over her woke her, Ha Ha. Must have been funny to watch. The last couple of pics is from Midigama.

Till next time.

Sri Lanka Surf Trip

Sri Lanka 2016/17 – Arrived

We arrived safely in Sri Lanka.

I am always amazed at the different levels of Visa requirements in each Country. In America, it’s a nightmare. It’s the same in all European countries. Well in Sri Lanka it’s about paying $ 40 (R 600), you can do that upon arrival, easy.

The point of this Travel is to go surfing and spend less than $35 (R 500) a day. Everything is reasonable in Sri Lanka

We spent two nights near Airport in Colombo. R 820 per night for 7 of us. Our day we spent taking in some of the local scenes. Tuk-Tuk down to the Beach. Filthy dirty, but interesting to see how the locals enjoy the beach. Watched a couple of Fisherman draw a net. Weren’t successful with their catch.

Obviously, we had a couple of meals at the local restaurant if you can call it that. The food was very good. It’s where the locals will eat. Even had curry for breakfast.

The third day we spent travelling to Hikkaduwa. We rented a Bus for 7 of us and ten Surfboards. Hikki, as known, is 140 km away from Colombo travelling south. It only cost R 1300. Cheap I would say.

Found accommodation online. I bought a Sim Card on arrival R 140 for ten gigs valid for a month. So I am connected. We had to split the group as it’s difficult to find accommodation for 7 of us. I am staying right on the Beach for R 600 per night. Yes, it’s more than budget, things will get cheaper as the main season passes.

Surfboards got damaged on the plane. The most amazing thing is Matthew has the whole incident on video. It happened in Dubai. Can wait to share with Emirates. Usually, they are so good.

Surfed on arrival. We don’t need a crowd with seven of us we are a crowd. Waves are nice and mellow. Norman had a field day on his Longboard. Lots of OH and Ah’s from us.

Slept like a baby.